News & Alerts

News & Alerts

Crystal Falls Track is closed until further notice
Monday 14th August 2023

Recreational walkers please note that Crystal Falls Track near the Waipori Falls Village is currently closed due to recent track damage and hazards caused by weathering. Please do not use this track, but check back here for updates to this advice.

Recreational permits and Operational Areas
Monday 31st August 2020

Recreational forest users, please obey all warning signs you see in the forests. In particular, keep yourself and others safe by staying well away from Operational areas such as active harvesting areas, even during weekends and after normal business hours when it may appear that there is no activity taking place.

Gate on road to Dam at Mahinerangi
Monday 9th March 2020

Forest visitors please be aware that City Forests and Manawa Energy have installed a locked gate at the entrance to the road to the Mahinerangi Dam.  Unfortunately a large increase in instances of unauthorised camping, fire-lighting and vandalism of both City Forests' and Manawa's assets in this isolated area has led to our joint decision to restrict access to this road and area, which is all on privately owned land.  The gate will now remain locked and keys will not be issued for non-work related access, with the exception that a limited amount of Angler only access may be available by contacting the Fish & Game Otago office.  Note that walkway and cycling access is still provided for around the gate.  For visitors wanting boating access an upgraded boat ramp and parking facility is available at Starks Bridge near the Mahinerangi Village.

Using our forests for events
Thursday 29th November 2018

A general reminder to intending forest users that if you wish to organise and hold an event of any sort in any of our forest areas then you will need to first contact us to discuss your ideas, be issued with a permit, and become informed about specific forest hazards, forest operational restrictions, and any environmental issues. Please contact us early to start the process. You can start by applying for an Event permit

Using our forests for events

City Forests’ office has relocated
Wednesday 5th September 2018

City Forests has moved to a new office at 123 Crawford Street. All other contact details including our postal address, phone numbers and email addresses remain unchanged.