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We've recently updated our Permit Terms and Conditions, however if you've applied for a permit with us before then you may still see the old versions. Therefore, please follow the link to T&C's page for the permit you wish to apply for and then refresh it (F5) in order to see the new version

Permits are issued free of charge, but please allow at least two weeks for your permit application to be processed.  

A note for visitors to this web page who intend to apply for a permit, please be aware that our forests are all located in Otago, (within 80 km of Dunedin)

Note that permits may be cancelled in times of high fire danger or for operational requirements. For your safety, do not enter the forests during strong winds!

Due to the high number of applications, we are generally not able to respond to unsuccessful applicants.

City Forests operates a fully digital , paperless permit system.  If your application is successful you will receive an emailed permit. You will need to present this email on your phone or other device if asked by a City Forests' officer when in our forests.  You can of course still print a copy to carry if you wish.

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Permit type

Sorry, motorcycle permits are currently not available

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Hot Works permit


  1. Hot works can only be undertaken if approved by an authorised City Forests staff member and permission needs to be given every time they are conducted.
  2. Welding, gas cutting, grinding or other work creating heat or sparks are to be done on skids / roads cleared to mineral earth or gravel. The immediate vicinity of the operation is to be thoroughly dampened down after the activity is completed. A 30-minute patrol of the work site checking for sparks must be conducted after the activity is completed.
  3. A 9-litre foam or 9 kg dry powder fire extinguisher (minimum), 20-litres of water (minimum) and a long handle shovel must be available at the hot work site in case of an outbreak of fire.
  4. Hot works permits can be cancelled if conditions are unsuitable, at the discretion of City Forests.
  5. Advise City Forests prior to commencing any hot works and check that the fire danger is below high. On weekdays contact the Dunedin Office by radio (Forest Base) or phone (027 225 6373). At weekends contact the Duty Liaison Officer, pager 026 248 5083.
  6. This permit must be available on site during any hot work activities.


Report all fires even if extinguished.