New Zealand Owned Forests Since 1906
City Forests owns and manages more than 18,100 hectares of forest in Otago, growing over 7 million trees.

City Forests is a Dunedin-owned forest products company based in Otago, New Zealand.

Our forests are managed to a high environmental standard and this is verified by our Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC® C008934) certification.

Latest News & Alerts

Recreational Permits: applications open again
Friday 15th May 2020

We will now be accepting new recreational permit applications again under Covid19 level 2 conditions.  Recreational users will need to ensure they adhere to all level 2 physical distancing and hygiene rules when in our forests, as well as our normal visitor health and safety rules.  As is usual, all permit applications need to be made through this website.

Gate on road to Dam at Mahinerangi
Monday 9th March 2020

Forest visitors please be aware that City Forests and TrustPower have installed a locked gate at the entrance to the road to the Mahinerangi Dam.  Unfortunately a large increase in instances of unauthorised camping, fire-lighting and vandalism of both City Forests' and TrustPower's assets in this isolated area has led to our joint decision to restrict access to this road and area, which is all on privately owned land.  The gate will remain locked for the foreseeable future until a solution can be found to provide some access without endangering the valuable assets in that area.  Keys will not be issued for non-work related access.  Note that walkway and cycling access is still provided for around the gate.  For visitors wanting boating access an upgraded boat ramp is available at Starks Bridge near the Mahinerangi Village.

Hunting and Motor-bike permit applications can resume
Tuesday 25th February 2020

Notice for Hunters and Motor-bike riders. Long-term Fire Danger conditions are now within an acceptable risk-range, and OSPRI has given us clearance for normal activities to resume at Waipori (following the 1080 Operation there).  Therefore we are now accepting permit applications for these activities.