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City Forests, 123 Crawford Street, Dunedin
Post: PO Box 210, Dunedin 9054, New Zealand
Phone: +64 3 467 7730  
Fax: +64 3 477 6630

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Disputes Resolution Process

City Forests takes complaints about any of our forests, activities or actions very seriously, and we will respond when we receive these as promptly as we can. Sometimes we will contact you directly to discuss the issue, and on other occasions we may just take the necessary actions to resolve the problem. Occasionally we may not agree with your complaint, but be assured that we will nevertheless listen. Therefore, we encourage members of the public to contact us directly through this website if you have an issue you want to raise with us. Complaints will be dealt with through the company’s Issues Management process as follows:

  1. A staff member will receive a new complaint or a new issue and create an entry in the company's Issues Management Database. This will include details of the complaint together with any relevant location details and the contact details of the complainant.

  2. The issue is assigned to an appropriate staff member for follow-up.

  3. Any associated documents that are relevant to the issue will be included with the record.
  4. Details of the follow-up or planned follow-up are recorded, including any subsequent contact with the complainant.
  5. The appropriate Manager will close the issue after the complaint has been resolved or a final determination made.
  6. The Database be periodically reviewed by senior staff to check that issues are being dealt with in an appropriate, fair and timely manner.
  7. If you don't agree with our decisions or actions taken then you may contact us again and the issue will be referred to a senior staff member for further consideration.