Feedback invited

We invite your feedback through the form below on our new land and forest investments, as well as the High Conservation Value (HCV) classification of Shepherd Stream.

In recent years City Forests has made new land and forest investments that aim to deliver greater financial, social and environmental returns to our shareholder, the Dunedin City Council, and to the wider Otago community. These investments have sought to optimise our spread of location, scale, productivity, supply-chain and risk.

10 properties totaling 1,928 hectares have been added to City Forests total working area of 22,544 hectares. The new land is spread across four main working areas; Ferny Hill (near Mosgiel), Takitoa (behind Henley), Millers (inland from Milton) & Hillend (south of Milton).

Eldon’s galaxias, Galaxias eldoni (ranked “Nationally Endangered” by DOC) were first discovered in Shepherd Stream, Waipori Forest in 1990. Due to this conservation ranking City Forests classifies suitable habitat areas of Shepherds Stream as High Conservation Value (HCV). This creates a special status for this area, and puts greater onus on us to manage and protect it.

We now wish to extend the scope of our FSC® certificate to include the new land and forest areas and the classified High Conservation Value area Shepherd Stream. Accordingly we invite visitors to this site to send us their feedback using the form below.

Feedback invited - Environmental Certification matters