The lighting of fires is strictly prohibited. Caution must be taken not to cause an accidental fire. No smoking in our forests. Forests will be closed during times of high fire risk. DOWNLOAD FIRE BOUNDARY MAPS


Obey all operational signage. Access is not allowed to any operational areas. Do not walk on or near logs stacks and machines or equipment.


Do not enter the forest when there are strong winds.
Trees can uproot, or branches, tree tops and cones may fall.

Poisons and traps are used in the forest. Do not touch any baits, lures, carcassess or traps – see the contractors’ warning signs at City Forests’ entrances. City Forests accepts no resposibility for the effects of any poisons.

Be aware that other individuals or groups may be using the forests. They may be on foot, bicycles, motorised or horseback.

TAKE CARE! You are responsible for your safety and the safety of others. If you see and suspicious activities or hazards within the forest please notify City Forests on (03) 467-7730.



City Forests is committed to providing a safe environment for all forest users. We encourage the use of hi-vis clothing for all people using the forests to assist in maintaining personal safety.

Here are some of our safety requirements:


Walkers are welcome in Ross Creek Forest and on the Flagstaff Forest walking track at all times. MTB cyclists are welcome to use the purpose-built MTB tracks in Ross Creek Forest. The use of other City Forests forests must be outside of normal forestry operational hours, i.e. weekends, public holidays and weekdays from 6pm until dusk. Forests may be closed due to operations and hazardous conditions.

Access to forests by other users is by permit only.

Dogs are permitted in the forests but not during the regular pest poisoning operations – see the contractors’ warning signs at City Forests’ entrances.

Horses are premitted in Flagstaff Forest outside working hours.  Please do not take horses into Ross Creek Forest, and keep horses off all walking and MTB tracks.

Vehicle access, including motorcycles, is by permit only.

Camping is not permitted.

Firearms, weapons and hunting are not permitted in the forests, except in hunting blocks for which a permit is required.

No rubbish or garden waste is to be dumped in the forests. Offenders will be served with a trespass notice and may be prosecuted. Anyone caught removing forest produce, including firewood, without due authorisation, or hunting without a permit, will be trespassed.

A trespass notice will exclude the offender from all our forests in Otago.

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