Horse riding in our forests

Tuesday 4th December, 2012

We welcome horse riders to use our Flagstaff forest outside working hours. Flagstaff forest has nearly 40 km of roads winding through varied terrain throughout the forest.

Horse riding in other forests (except Ross Creek plantation) may also be possible - subject to operations - please check with City Forests first and obtain a permit before taking your horse into forests other than Flagstaff.

Unfortunately horse riding access to Ross Creek forest is permanently closed because of the difficult access for horses and the very limited area suitable for riding. The forest is used extensively for recreational mountain biking, walking and running, so we encourage horse riders to make use of the great opportunities for riding that are available in Flagstaff forest.

Note that there may be vehicles and other people using any forest road at any time. Please stay out of any areas sign-posted "Operational Area" at all times.

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